30 Minute "Activate Your Joy" Session: 



​50 Minute Reiki Session:  


30-Minute ‘Activate Your Joy’ Coaching Session. Bundle includes: Questionnaire, 30-minute 'Activate Your Joy’ Coaching session, and Joy Activation download.  Coaching sessions can be recorded. ​

$ 55.00

Enjoy a 50 minute Reiki session infused with peace and love. Before we begin your session we will spend a few minutes going over questions you may have and introduce you to the relaxing session. Reiki is another healing modality that can help remove blocked energy that may be causing physical, emotional or mental pain. Some of the positive side effects include: promotion of health and self healing, enhances mental clarity, releases and reduces stress, aids in meditation and positive thinking, balances body energy and reduces pain and aches. Allow yourself the opportunity to soak in love while you relax. You are worth it!​ For more information about Reiki, click here.

$ 55.00